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Garage Door Service in Golden Ridge, TX

It doesn't matter whether you are looking for a simple garage door repair or looking to have a new one installed for you, our team at Garage Door Repair of Golden Ridge is ready to help. We are happy to give exceptional service to all the people of Goldenridge along with the surrounding areas. Feel free to call us if you are looking for a fast and reliable same day service.

What Can You Do If You Garage Door Gets Stuck

Do you ever feel like you never know if your garage door is going to work right today or not? Your door may open all the way one day and the next only half way. Sometimes it may not want to open at all.

Well, there are multiple things you can actually check pretty easy and make small adjustments to help you figure out the problem on your own. Some of the things are easy to adjust while some of the adjustment should only be done by a professional tech. We have made a list of things you should check if you are dealing with a halfway working garage door system.

  • Do the rollers in the tracks all the way up and down?
  • Do the tracks look like they’re bent?
  • Does it look like your eye sensors may be damaged, out of alignment, or have dirt on it?
  • Does your door make a loud noise like it could be having trouble opening or shutting?
  • Does the weather seal look torn at the bottom or just missing completely?

Our team is always working to help people figure out and diagnose their garage door problems, so they can get them fixed up quickly. So if you are having trouble with your door give us a call and we will have help to you right away.

What Is Involved In Regular Maintenance Procedures?

Our team offers emergency garage door service for all of our community, but that is not the only thing we give our customers. We like to tell our homeowners of the regular maintenance services we also offer. It is a good idea to set up a regular maintenance routine us, so you can stay ahead of any garage door emergency situations. Just by having an annual lube and tune done for your door can keep it running great for a long time.

When we do a tune up we lubricate the rollers, springs, and all other moving parts. There are some openers that use a chain assembly, which we would also have to lubricate. During the service, we will look for loose nuts or bolts that may need adjusting if necessary. We want to make sure that your door continues to run as smoothly as possible.

Is It Good To Have Your Garage Door Serviced Occasionally?

We are firm believers that it is good to have your garage door serviced yearly even if you don’t have any major concern. We would recommend you pick a set time of year that would suit you best and stick with it. Some people like to schedule it in the spring while they are in their normal cycle of spring cleaning where some people rather do it in the fall and prepare for cold weather.

Our techs will do the lube and tune at the time of the visit along with a few other inspections to make sure everything is adjusted right. They will check the tension on the spring and adjust it if needed. We don’t think anyone likes to have an emergency dealing with their garage door, so getting a regular service is a good idea to benefit you in the long run.

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Our friendly team at Garage Door Repair in Goldenridge, Texas is always waiting to help you! We are eager to meet all your needs with same day service because we know how hard it is to not have a garage door that works correctly. No need to wait just call us today, so we can get you a booked for an appointment.

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